AUTHOR: Trócaire

LAST UPDATED: October 2011

TYPE OF TOOL: Handbook

KEYWORDS: conflict sensitivity, Trócaire, handbook, impact assessment

FORMAT: Downloadable PDF document, 55 pages


WEB LINK: (Trócaire)  (toolkit)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “This toolkit addresses the need of Trócaire staff to have tools that facilitate their work in conflict scenarios making sure that:

  • Trócaire staff are aware of the conflict dynamics in the context where their programs are implemented
  • Trócaire staff understand how conflict affects their programs
  • Trócaire staff understand how their programs affect the conflict dynamics in the country or region where they are implemented
  • Trócaire’s programs are not intensifying or creating conflict
  • Trócaire’s programs are playing a part in promoting peace

This toolkit offers an opportunity to enhance Trócaire’s work through:

  • Systematizing conflict analysis
  • Ensuring programs and projects are conflict-sensitive
  • Conflict-sensitive monitoring and evaluation”

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. They work with some of the world’s poorest people, supporting communities and delivering long-term change to people’s lives. Established in 1973, today Trócaire works in over 20 countries on issues including livelihoods, human rightsgender equality, HIV, climate change and emergency relief.”

INTENDED USER: Trócaire staff

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