AUTHOR: United States Department of Defense, Finnish Ministry of Defence, and Swedish Armed Forces

LAST UPDATED: March 2008

TYPE OF TOOL: Handbook, Guidelines

KEYWORDS: environmental management, United States Department of Defense, Finnish Ministry of Defence, Swedish Armed Forces, guidelines, handbook, risk reduction, impact assessment, water, land and land use

FORMAT: Downloadable PDF document, 118 pages


WEB LINK: http://www.defmin.fi/files/1256/Guidebook_final_printing_version.pdf (tool)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “This guidebook gives operational planners the necessary tools to incorporate environmental considerations throughout the life cycle of the operation. Failure to integrate environmental considerations into operational- and tactical-level planning increases the risk to the health and safety of military personnel and civilian non-combatants. Inadvertent damage to the natural environment or to significant cultural or historic resources also complicates the attainment of the desired strategic end state through the loss of political capital, negative public image, and increased overall cost.

This document does not necessarily reflect the official policies or doctrine of any nation, but represents the combined knowledge and ideas of contributors with significant experience in this area. This document is intended to serve as an environmental guidebook to help troop contributing nations with environmental management responsibilities identify relevant environmental requirements, practices, standards, and preventive measures, with a goal of integrating them into the planning and execution of military operations in a way that enhances the readiness of the force and accomplishment of the overall mission. It provides overarching principles, guidelines, templates, and examples, which may be used by operational planners and deployed forces to achieve the overall environmental goals and objectives associated with a military operation. Within the text, links are provided to directly access additional reference material and applicable templates.”

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “The Department of Defense is America’s oldest and largest government agency. Its mission is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of the United States.”

“As a Government department and the ministry providing the guidelines for defense administration, the Finnish Ministry of Defence is in charge of national defense policy and security and international defesce policy cooperation. In addition, the Ministry is responsible for national military defense resources and the operating framework of the Defence Forces. It coordinates Finnish participation in international crisis management and contributes to shaping the European security structures to safeguard Finland’s national interests.”

“As the only authority permitted to engage in armed combat, the Swedish Armed Forces are Sweden’s ultimate security policy resource. The Armed Forces are therefore always prepared to carry out international missions, assert Sweden’s national integrity and support Swedish society in major crises. To enable Sweden to maintain its freedom of action in terms of its security policy, the Armed Forces are continuously developing capabilities that can meet future requirements.”

INTENDED USER: Operational planners of national militaries

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