AUTHOR: European External Action Service

LAST UPDATED: September 2012

TYPE OF TOOL: Guidelines

KEYWORDS: environmental management, European External Action Service, guidelines, fuel and energy

FORMATS: Downloadable PDF document, 42 pages


WEB LINK: (EEAS)  (tool)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “The aim of this document is to establish the principles and the responsibilities to meet the requirements of environmental protection (EP) during EU-led military operations in support of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), and to promote a common understanding of EP during EU-led operations, in order to enhance interoperability among EU Member States, between the EU and other international organizations, and with the EU’s strategic partners.

This concept provides the strategic guidance for the consideration of EP during all phases of EU-led military operations. It covers the various tasks of EP, including cultural property protection. Furthermore, the concept addresses relevant energy-related aspects, such as energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies during military operations. Finally, it provides an overview over associated activities that will enhance EP on the longer run, namely training, education and capability development. Lessons learned from preceding EU operations, as well as principles and environmental best practices of UN and NATO, are taken into account, whenever appropriate.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “The European External Action Service (EEAS) assists the High Representative in ensuring the consistency and coordination of the Union’s external action as well as by preparing policy proposals and implementing them after their approval by the Council. It also assists the President of the European Council and the President as well as the Members of the Commission in their respective functions in the area of external relations and ensures close cooperation with the Member States. The network of EU delegations around the world is part of the EEAS structure.”

INTENDED USER: European Union member-state military operations


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