AUTHOR: Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit


TYPE OF TOOL: Handbook

FORMAT: Downloadable PDF document, 78 pages

KEYWORDS: environmental management, Joint UNEP/OHCA Environment Unit, UNEP, OCHA, handbook, impact assessment


WEB LINK: https://docs.unocha.org/sites/dms/Documents/FEAT_Version_1.1.pdf (PDF)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) helps to identify existing or potential acute environmental impacts that pose risks for humans, human life-support functions and ecosystems, following sudden-onset natural disasters. FEAT focuses primarily on immediate and acute impacts arising from released hazardous chemicals. It can also help to identify potential long-term issues, for example those involving releases of persistent compounds. FEAT also provides information on physical impacts to the natural environment, such as soil erosion and salt water intrusion.

Based on this information, users can decide on initial risk management actions under disaster conditions. In particular, it helps users make timely and accurate requests for additional, specialized equipment or expertise to address impacts.”

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “The Joint United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)/OCHA Environment Unit (JEU), housed within OCHA’s Emergency Services Branch, helps Member States to prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies.

By pairing UNEP’s technical expertise with OCHA’s humanitarian response coordination structure, the JEU ensures an integrated approach in responding to environmental emergencies.

The JEU provides independent, impartial advice and practical solutions, while working with organizations dedicated to medium and long term rehabilitation to ensure a seamless transition from emergency response to recovery.”

INTENDED USER: Disaster response teams

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