AUTHOR: Conflict Sensitivity Consortium  


TYPE OF TOOL: Handbook, Guidelines

KEYWORDS: conflict sensitivity, Conflict Sensitivity Consortium, handbook, guidelines, risk reduction, impact assessment

FORMAT: Downloadable PDF, 52 pages

LANGUAGES: English; Chapter 4 available in Arabic

WEB LINKS: (CSC) (pdf)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “This ‘how to’ guide draws upon consortium experience to illustrate real examples of applying conflict sensitivity. It aims to provide practical advice suitable for anyone aiming to improve conflict sensitivity, whether in the field of development, humanitarian aid or peacebuilding work. It aims to provide practical, user-friendly information for people who are focusing at project or organization-wide level, whether aiming for best practice or just starting out on the journey towards conflict sensitivity.

The Guide has been organized into six core chapters. Each of these chapters contains a number of sub-themes exploring ‘the what’, ‘the why’ and particularly ‘the how’ of conflict sensitivity. Key areas that will be explored include:

  • Chapter 1: Conflict analysis
  • Chapter 2: Conflict sensitivity in the program cycle
  • Chapter 3: Key Issues for conflict sensitive programming
  • Chapter 4: Applying conflict sensitivity in emergency responses
  • Chapter 5: Assessing institutional capacity for conflict sensitivity
  • Chapter 6: Building institutional capacity for conflict sensitivity”


The project “The Practice of Conflict Sensitivity – Concept to Impact“ strengthened the practice of conflict sensitivity throughout and beyond a broad consortium of humanitarian, peacebuilding and multi-mandate development NGOs.

The purpose of the Conflict Sensitivity website is to further the understanding of what “conflict sensitivity” means in practice, in terms of organisational systems, project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of specific interventions. The original consortium comprised a diverse range of agencies which continue individually, together and with others to share findings widely in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors to enhance the capacity to institutionalise and implement conflict sensitive approaches.

INTENDED USER:  “Anyone aiming to improve conflict sensitivity, whether in the field of development, humanitarian aid or peacebuilding work.”

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