AUTHOR: United Nations Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action (UNIFTPA)

LAST UPDATED: January 2013

TYPE OF TOOL: Training course

KEYWORDS: conflict sensitivity, training course, United Nations Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action (UNIFTPA)

FORMAT: Online training course


WEB LINK: (UNIFTPA) (course info)

ABOUT THE TOOL: The online course, which builds on existing trainings, courses and other methodologies used to integrate a preventive lens into the activities of the UN system, offers learners the opportunity to acquire deeper understanding, practical knowledge and hands-on skills to utilize conflict-sensitive approaches in humanitarian, development, educational, peacebuilding, and security work, among others.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “The Inter-Agency Framework for Coordination on Preventive Action (or Framework Team) — a forum of 22 agencies and departments connected informally at UN Headquarters and in the field—works closely with its member departments and agencies to assist UN Resident Coordinators (in most countries the most senior UN official on the ground) and UN Country Teams in developing integrated conflict prevention strategies, and identifying the political and technical resources required for their implementation. The Framework Team also supports a UN system-wide ‘community of practice’ to improve and expand knowledge and skills in conflict prevention.”

INTENDED USER: UN system and partners

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