AUTHOR: Joint UNEP/OHCA Environment Unit

LAST UPDATEDtrainings offered periodically

TYPE OF TOOL: Training Course

FORMAT: On-site training course

KEYWORDS: humanitarian action, environmental management, Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit, UNEP, OCHA, risk reduction, restoration, impact assessment



ABOUT THE TOOL:  “The Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit organizes environmental-emergencies training for international responders, as well as training to strengthen the preparedness capacity of environmental experts from national agencies and the private sector for international emergency deployments. This strengthens the international response capacity for environmental emergencies and ensures an integrated effort in the field.

Through the Environmental Emergency Centre (EEC), which is hosted by the JEU, thematic trainings have been developed on various aspects of the preparedness-and-response stages of an environmental emergency. The online training modules are free of charge, and OCHA encourages anyone interested in the topic to test their knowledge and strengthen their capacity to prepare and respond.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “The Joint United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)/OCHA Environment Unit (JEU), housed within OCHA’s Emergency Services Branch, helps Member States to prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies.

By pairing UNEP’s technical expertise with OCHA’s humanitarian response coordination structure, the JEU ensures an integrated approach in responding to environmental emergencies.

The JEU provides independent, impartial advice and practical solutions, while working with organizations dedicated to medium and long term rehabilitation to ensure a seamless transition from emergency response to recovery.”

INTENDED USER: “The course requires that prospective candidates are suitably qualified within a specific environmental discipline (e.g., sampling, analysis, assessment) to be eligible to participate.”

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