AUTHOR: World Wildlife Fund Environment & Disaster Management Program


TYPE OF TOOL: knowledge platform

KEYWORDS: humanitarian action, environmental management, land and land use, water, shelter,

climate adaptation, risk reduction, restoration, World Wildlife Fund, knowledge platform

FORMAT: web site


WEB LINK: (WWF Environment & Disaster Management Program) (help desk tool)

ABOUT THE TOOL: Provides round-the- clock interactive support for questions about environmental

dimensions of disaster recovery, reconstruction, and risk reduction. Users may submit queries via

phone, email, or web chat. Emphasis on users requiring a rapid response related to ongoing


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Environment and Disaster Management (EDM)

program collaborates with humanitarian and development agencies, the United Nations (UN),

academic institutions and others to integrate environmental considerations into disaster recovery,

reconstruction, and risk reduction programs and policies, and to learn and develop new approaches.

The program was formed during the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and in the years since

we have worked in partnership to provide support, training, and development of new approaches for

environmentally responsible disaster management in Belize, Chile, Ecuador, Fiji, Guatemala, Haiti,

Indonesia, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.”

INTENDED USER: Individuals and organizations working in disaster response/recovery settings who

need environmental specialist advice and support.

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