DGSi Trainings in Conflict Management and Sensitivity

AUTHOR: Durham Global Security Institute   

LAST UPDATED: courses offered periodically

TYPE OF TOOL: Training Courses

KEYWORDS: conflict sensitivity, Durham Global Security Institute, training course, risk reduction, impact assessment

FORMAT: On-site training course



https://www.dur.ac.uk/dgsi/ (Durham Global Security Institute)

https://www.dur.ac.uk/dgsi/pdc/ (course info)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “DGSi offer a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses consisting of short workshops. Courses are delivered by world-leading experts and practitioners, both from within Durham University and from elsewhere, and typically include lectures, seminars, group work and an interactive role play based on a real or constructed case. Course participants will be drawn from across government, the NGO sector, the military, international organisations and stakeholders.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Durham Global Security Institute (DGSi) pursues research across the contemporary security agenda, focusing on the interface between defense, development and diplomacy as the arena where the most important and challenging security issues arise. Drawing on its network of academic and practitioner expertise, DGSi’s research and educational activity is practically-oriented, innovative and ambitious in casting new light on security challenges and identifying effective responses to complex problems.”

INTENDED USER:  Personnel working in disaster response or development