AUTHOR: ENTRi and International Alert   


TYPE OF TOOL: Training Course

KEYWORDS: conflict sensitivity, ENTRi, International Alert, training course, risk reduction

FORMAT: On-site training course


WEB LINKS: (ENTRi) (International Alert) (info on course)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “The aim of the course is to enable participants to use their skills, competencies and experience to conduct a conflict analysis and to devise conflict-sensitive approaches to civilian crisis management.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the relevance of concepts such as peace, conflict and violence to civilian crisis management;
  2. Conduct a conflict analysis;
  3. Describe the key principles underpinning the conflict-sensitive approach;
  4. Explain the relationship between conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity;
  5. Devise conflict sensitive approaches to issues faced in civilian crisis management;
  6. Identify the benefits and limitations of the conflict-sensitive approach.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi) is a unique capacity-building program that was initiated in early 2011. The main focus lies on the preparation and training of civilians that are either going to, or already working in, crisis management missions worldwide. “International Alert is an independent peacebuilding organization that has worked for over 20 years to lay the foundations for lasting peace and security in communities affected by violent conflict. Their multifaceted approach focuses both in and across various regions; aiming to shape policies and practices that affect peacebuilding; and helping build skills and capacity through training.”

INTENDED USER:  The course is designed for “people who are in the pre-deployment, or are assigned to a mission, civilians, on positions of advisors, analysts, policy implementers, program staff; mid-level and senior management staff. Participants should have relevant desk or field experience, or are in the process of obtaining such experience, with working on or in conflict contexts.