UN Environmental Emergencies Centre Training

AUTHOR: Environmental Emergencies Centre


TYPE OF TOOL: Knowledge Platform

KEYWORDS: humanitarian action, environmental management, Environmental Emergencies Centre, knowledge platform, restoration, impact assessment, risk reduction

FORMAT: eLearning modules. “In order to complete an eLearning module you are first required to register, which is at no cost and open to the public. Upon successful completion of each module you are asked to complete a Course Evaluation, after which you will be issued your certificate of successful completion.

LANGUAGES: English (all modules), French (2 modules), Russian (1 module), Arabic (1 module)


http://www.eecentre.org (Environmental Emergencies Centre)

http://www.eecentre.org/library/ (tool)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “The Environmental Emergencies Centre hosts an online learning series consisting of eLearning modules developed by the Joint UNEP/OCHA Unit and partners on a range of environmental emergency preparedness and response topics. Among them: Beyond Response: better preparedness for environmental emergencies, Introduction to Industrial Accidents, Introduction to Disaster Waste Management, and the Flash Environmental Assessment Tool.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “The Environmental Emergencies Centre (EEC) is an online preparedness tool designed to enable an effective response to environmental emergencies. The EEC is a one-stop-shop of information, tools, trainings and guidance to inform a more prepared and effective response to environmental emergencies. Founded in 2012, it is an initiative of the Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit, developed in close coordination with the Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies.”

INTENDED USER: “The EEC is a tool for everyone, communities and governments alike, seeking assistance through training, knowledge, experience and good practice sharing to increase their preparedness to be able to effectively respond when disasters strike.”