Commonplace Book Entry #7: Fleming Quote

” [A]n education [. . .] that was designed to support a truly direct, deliberative democracy [. . .] would be an education oriented to the ‘strong publics’ of decision-making rather than the ‘weak publics’ of opinion formation.” (205)

In this quote, Fleming comments on education and how he believes it should allow individuals to form their own opinions. By definition, a deliberative democracy is a form of democracy in which deliberation is central to decision making. To deliberate, is to thoughtfully weigh your options before making a decision. Fleming is correct when saying a deliberative democracy would create “strong publics of decision making.” He believes the education system should teach individuals how to form their own opinion rather than simply memorizing or conforming to someone else’s. I have seen both of these ideas in past assignments. Sometimes I am asked to form my own opinions, and other times I shape my answer around what I know my teacher wants. Fleming prefers an education system where students are required to form their own opinions and to make their own decisions.


Grace Wilmeth

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