Built Environment Introduction: A Comprehensive Look at Potomac Gardens Apartments


My built environment descriptions and final analysis focus on Potomac Gardens Apartments. The housing complex, located just thirteen blocks southeast of the United States Capitol Building, is home to low income families and a large senior population. Potomac Gardens is one of 56 properties owned by the District of Columbia Housing Authority. What separates Potomac Gardens from DCHA’s other properties, is the eight foot tall iron fence that surrounds its perimeter. The fence was installed in 1991 with the intention of keeping residents safe; in 2016, the fence still stands and is more of a deterrent than a safety feature. My project looks at the history of Potomac Gardens and the ever-evolving neighborhood that surrounds it. 

My project consists of three descriptions and a final analysis. The links to all four can be found below.

Please read and enjoy! – Grace Wilmeth



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