Welcome to the Virtual Student Health Center

A project by American University's HLTH-441/661-001 Class

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Students who view our campaign will benefit by receiving education on campus resources that are available for counseling and testing of mental health, information about different mental disorders and medication misuse, how to manage disorders in a healthy way, and how to recognize signs of unstable mental health in peers.

Our Mission

We seek to address the stigma surrounding mental health in college students on American University’s campus. Our overall goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of mental health and what resources are available on AU’s campus. 

Our Values

 We value our student’s safety and comfort, inclusivity, constructive dialogues, and healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Based on our assessment of American University’s student health problems, our class decided that the following topics deserved to be highlighted in this project:

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Looking for more resources?

Check out these AU resources for a better idea of health programming at our school.