Consent and Pleasure

What is Consent?

Consent laws vary between states, but generally consent is clear and freely given communication agreeing to sexual activity. Consent can also be changed or taken away at anytime and all parties involved should feel fully informed. One easy way to remember some of the important aspects of consent is to use the acronym FRIES (Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific)! 

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What is NOT considered consent:

  • Agreements made while under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Ignoring when a partner tells you “no”
  • Pressuring someone into sexual activities
  • Making assumptions based on a person’s appearance 
  • Past consent
  • Partner is not conscious 

What is Sexual Pleasure? Why Does it Matter?

Sexual pleasure is a response to stimuli which leads to, enhances, or maintains sexual arousal. Erogenous zones are areas across the body which are sensitive to sexual stimulation, but different people experience stimulation differently. What is pleasurable to an individual may not be to their partner, and vice versa- hence why continuing consent is so integral to each and every sexual experience! Consent must continue across a sexual experience, not simply expressed at the inception on an interaction. Sexual pleasure matters because enjoying oneself during sex is critical to positive sexual experiences!


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