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by | Oct 22, 2019

We know managing all of the student health services on campus can be hard! That is why we put together all of the “need to knows” about AU’s policies, the different offices, and even some off-campus options. While College is an exciting time because of your new-found independence, it also comes with responsibilities like managing your health. But, we are here to make that process a little easier! Made by fellow AU students, we have your back 🙂

A Message from Dr. Reitman: The Head of the AU Student Health Center.

The mission of the Student Health Center is to provide mostly physical health services. It has a two part purpose of keeping individual students healthy while keeping the campus community healthy as well. They provide a “patient centered approach that is developmentally appropriate to older teens.” Part of what they do is teaching students how to manage their health. This includes building skills such as how to make and keep appointments, how to handle medicine, what do when you get sick, and how to keep yourself from getting sick. 


About Dr. Reitmann: 

Dr. David Reitman (he/him/his) is originally a pediatrician (a doctor for kids), which means he knows what our previous experience with doctors is like. He then did a multiple year fellowship at Children’s National Medical Center in DC on adolescent health. Our age group has become his speciality, and he has decided his life to helping college aged students. He is incredibly passionate about the student health experience, and said, “I want AU students to get care in the same way I want my own son to be treated.” He also added, “This does not mean that students always get what they want, but I will meet students where they are, and have a discussion about their care and come to an agreement on our next steps.” Respecting the student’s independence is very important to Dr. Reitman. Even when students do things that are unhealthy, Dr. Reitman and the rest of the Student Health Center staff is there to help you regroup, not to make you feel bad.

Reference: Reitman, D. (2019, November 11). Personal Interview. 

Who's Who For your Health at AU:

Four Offices You Need to Know


Learn Where Your Health Resources Are!

Watch this helpful video to get a better idea of where these offices are located on campus. 

A Note on Medical Privacy

Hear from Nancy LoGuidice, the Director of Student Experience Enrichment in the American University Student Government, on the laws that protect the privacy of your medical information on campus! 

Worried About a Friend's Mental Health? You Can Help!

Submit a Care Report! All this does is let the Dean of Students reach out to the person in need. It does NOT require the student to take any action or reflect negatively on them to the University! 

Submit a care report through your student portal at myau.american.edu under the Life@AU Tab 

A Map of Off Campus Providers- For When the Health Center is Closed

Red: American University 

Purple: Hospitals 

Orange: Clinics

Green: Pharmacies

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