Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies:
American University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe community through education and intervention efforts for alcohol and other drugs. AU community members uphold university policies and abide by local, state, and federal laws pertaining to alcohol and other drugs. Individuals accept personal responsibility for the outcome of their decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs.

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Students can choose to become peer educators or resources by completing a program that American University can offer. The program would consist of scenarios, product knowledge, and reporting capabilities. The course could count as credit and allow students to be peer educators. FERPA policy will be enforced throughout the course to keep student information between reporter and administration. 

By providing education at a young age that pills are not candy. What could be done is as parents take their children for a check up pamphlets are given to them to see symptoms and give parents the right information to be able to discuss these topics with their children.