Resources for Loneliness


There are resources at American University for students affected by loneliness. The resources range from help with transitioning to college, counseling, and activities to become more involved.


Counseling Center

The Counceling Center provides individual therapy, group therapy, and referrals. Counseling sessions can help you understand your feelings of loneliness. In group therapy you can talk to students going through the same situation and build social support.

Social Skills Group Therapy 

Day and Time: Tuesdays, 2-2:45pm

Location: Mary Gradon Center 214

Facilitators: Frances Rekrut, Ph.D. & Shari Matray, M.S.Ed.

The counceling center also provides transitioning tips for students.



Health Promotion and Advocacy Center

Wellness consultations at HPAC can help you assess your needs and create a self-care action plan.

Peer health education workshops are available every semester and have topics on mental health and emotional well-being.


Mental Health Hotline

For any mental health crisis use the DC Department of Mental Health Crisis Helpline: 1-888-793-4357.

RemedyLive provides 24/7 serivces for any indivdual who may be struggling with any type of mental health problem, even loneliness. It is where you can have an anonymous conversation with one of their soulmedic to get advice about your struggles.

Tesxt: 494949


International Student Service

The Language Exchange Programs at ISS can help you connect with students that are also studying abroad in the U.S. and U.S. domestic students.

Global Cafe is a great way to speak with Intertnational Student Services Staff members with any personal issues you may have with your experience at AU.


Center for Community Engagement

Find volunteer and engagement opportunities to meet new people and help others to feel a sense of purpose.


Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Different communties can be offered at CDI, such as first generation, multicultural, LGBTQA, and undocumented student community. CDI helps students to connect with others with similar idenities.

CDI provides either one on one or group adivsing on personal issues, such as providing a sense of belonging at AU.