Annotated Bibliography 9&10

9)DC Main Streets Program | Dslbd. Accessed 20 Apr. 2017.

This D.C. government website is the primary website for the D.C. Main Street Program, which argues that the D.C. Main Street Program is one of the most influential program in the D.C. area regarding revitalization and economic achievement. Additionally, the program executives argue that this program functions so well as a result of four primary principles: the organization of commercial revitalization efforts, the promotion of neighborhood commercial districts, and individual businesses operating therein, designs affecting the physical environment of the commercial district, and Economic vitality. Therefore, they can conclude that their program is primarily responsible for the economic success of many gentrified neighborhoods throughout D.C.


I will incorporate this source into the conversation surrounding how different people view the commonplace of the seemingly forgotten twenty years in Shaw. Using this website will help show how even the people who helped make Shaw what it is today don’t even attempt to talk about what it is they were revitalizing.


10)Fisher, Mark. “O Street Market.” Washington Post, Accessed 18 Feb. 2017.

Mark Fisher argues in his article for the Washington Post that the 1994 O Street Market Shooting was the shooting that really opened people’s eyes to the reality of their neighborhood because it was the first shooting that directly affected and involved the public in a way that had never happened before. Additionally, Fisher suggests that we can make connections from the results of this shooting in regards to race, and the idea of home. Many people who witnessed this shooting moved out of Shaw because they couldn’t stand to walk the area where one of their loved ones were shot and killed. A source from this article reported that she can’t stand to attend memorials in Shaw for the victims of the O Street Market shooting because she feels uncomfortable, as most of the people didn’t even live there when it happened; they don’t have the ability to feel the utter sadness of the situation. Furthermore, many people in Shaw feel as though it is no longer their home.


I will use this article to further the conversation about how much Shaw has changed and the fact that for many, it no longer feels like home. In terms of the commonplace, this article will be effective in the sense that it will provide me with quotes from people who were there at the shooting. Additionally, it helps add to the question as to whose neighborhood is it?


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