2014 Cohort

Honors Program ePortfolios

The eportfolio has two purposes: to collect your work so that faculty can assess and improve the Honors Program and to serve as a workspace for you to work with your mentor network to set and achieve goals. These two purposes reflect the mission of the Honors Program, which is to train interdisciplinary problem solvers and provide advanced skills in research, communication, and innovation so that students can excel in graduate school, the workplace, and life.

Each semester, you will be expected to collect and reflect on the work you do in your Honors class as well as your other classes and co-curriculum charting your progress in interdisciplinary problem solving, research, communication, and innovation. You will also be expected to develop and meet with your mentor network.

Your guide through the eportfolio system will be one of the Honors Counselors, who will provide technical assistance and help you keep track of deadlines. The counselor will read initial drafts of your biography, résumé, and goals.

You are required to meet with your faculty mentor by January 31 to discuss how you did on your semester goals and to set next semester’s.