AB: The Back To The City Movement

Hyra, D. “The Back-to-the-City Movement: Neighbourhood Redevelopment and Processes of      Political and Cultural Displacement.” Urban Studies, vol. 52, no. 10, 2014, pp. 1753–1773.

In his scholarly article, “The Back-To-The-City movement: Neighborhood redevelopment and processes of political and cultural displacement,” Derek Hyra uses the Shaw neighborhood as a case study to analyze the effects of the area’s revitalization.  Hyra’s case study explains how the increasing amounts of development projects due to rising populations in D.C. has caused an influx of upper-middle class white citizens into primarily African American neighborhoods. The article then analyzes how this trend has affected African American’s political and cultural displacement from areas they had previously lived.  

I will use this article as a background and exhibit source.  I will use the information gathered during the author’s four year case study on Shaw to provide context on the “back-to-the-city” movement occurring in the area.  Because the author did his case study where my site is located, I can also use this article as an exhibit source to analyze the affects of the revitalization happening in Shaw.

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