AB: Old Confronts New

Gringlas, Sam. “Old Confronts New In A Gentrifying D.C. Neighborhood.” NPR, NPR, 16 Jan. 2017. Accessed 20 Apr. 2017.

In his NPR article “Old Confronts New In A Gentrifying D.C. Neighborhood,”  Sam Gringlas analyzes the tensions between Shaw’s old and new residents through anecdotes and information on the areas development.  Through interviews, Gringlas shows how the old-time residents struggle to maintain Shaw’s history as the area changes. The effects of these new developments on the demographics in the area, as well as the shift in businesses, is illustrated through a combination of facts and observation.  However, Gringlas also concludes there are benefits to the new revitalization of the area because the shifting demographics have allowed people with different identities to come together and connect.

I will be able to use this article as an argument source to suggest both positive and negative effects of the development occurring in Shaw.   It will allow me show the importance of Shaw’s history to it’s original primarily African American population.  I can also use this article as an exhibit source to provide examples of the importance of maintaining Shaw’s African American history and culture. 

(Raquel Zaldivar NPR)

I can use this image from the article to illustrate Shaw’s celebration of its African American history through a mural painted in it’s historic district.

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