AB: Who is Shaw?

Sheir, Rebecca. “Shaw’s Roots: From ‘Heart Of Chocolate City’ To ‘Little United Nations’.” WAMU, 4 May 2011. Accessed 20 Apr. 2017.

In her article “Shaw’s Roots: From ‘Heart Of Chocolate City’ To ‘Little United Nations’,” Rebecca Sheir describes the history of the Shaw neighborhood in its early days, and then shows how it has changed throughout the years.  Sheir explains how in its formation, Shaw was a primarily black neighborhood and was historically known as the “Black Broadway.”  Through sequencing the neighborhood’s history, the author explains Shaw’s deterioration, and its recent restoration.   She concludes that even though Shaw is losing its identity as the heart of “black Washington,” the area’s diversification and revitalization has created a diverse community.

I will be able to use this article as a background source to explain Shaw’s history, and how an African American community was established there.  The article will allow me to describe Shaw’s identity and how that identity is shifting.  I will also be able to use this article as an argument source to argue the importance of maintain Shaw’s African American history as the neighborhood changes.

Scurlock Studio Records. Newsboys and others in front of the Howard Theater c.1936. wamu.org, Archives Center, National Museum of American History.

I can use this image shown in the article to provide a visual aid for background information on Shaw’s history.

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