RA: Gender Inclusiveity in Design

In her article, “His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” Suzanne Tick explains how today’s landscape is still dominated by a male perspective, and argues designers should help promote change by altering their work.  Tick claims we are now living in a time of a “gender revolution,” however today’s design landscape is still rooted in Modernism that reflects male domination. With more women entering the workplace and achieving positions of power, the author calls for designers to incorporate gender sensitivity into their work.  

To illustrate her point, she brings the example of gender fluidity and addressing the issue of gender inclusivity.  Tick points to the new trend of gender neutral bathrooms as a step towards designers starting to address this issue.  Even though bathrooms are only part of the puzzle, they work towards making people feel accommodated in a public space.

In conclusion the author calls for society to design for the accumulation of different human beings so we can create environments where people can “have their own individuality.

This are pictures the author added into her article for a visual representation of what gender inclusive design could look like.

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