Shaw was once D.C.’s “Black Broadway.” Pictured here: newsboys and others in front of the Howard Theater, with Cab Calloway’s name on signs, c. 1936

This is a picture of Shaw near my site back when it was known to be “Black Broadway.” Government sponsored projects have drastically shifted the demographics of the Shaw neighborhood.



This is a mural painted near my site, showing the neighborhoods appreciation for its African American heritage.  Although the government has put funding towards development projects that have been known to displace African Americans in this area, they should also put funding towards projects like this so Shaw’s older residents know it is still their neighborhood.

Old Market

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 31: FILE, The exterior of the O Street Market at the intersection of 7th and O streets, NW in Washington, DC on August 31, 1978.
(Photo by Ken Feil/The Washington Post)

This is a picture taken of my site in 1978 before it’s renovation.  This was a time when my site was located in a center of crime and violence that the government turned a blind eye to.

Holy Development

If you turn around from Giant’s main entrance, directly behind you is a large modern apartment complex.  Although they certainly seem nice to live in, the complex as a whole stuck out like a sore thumb.  The new developments recently built in the Shaw Neighborhood were not designed to blend into the neighborhood’s aesthetic.

Modernizing Shaw

If you turn the corner of the original structure and walk down P Street you will find yourself at the main entrance of the new Giant.  Even though you’ve only turned a corner it looks like you’ve walked into a completely different neighborhood.  The main entrance hidden in the back looks much more modern and features recently developed apartments directly on top of the old structure.

Shaw Neighborhood

This is an image of my site walking up 7th street.  In this picture you can see the original structure of the building as well as a new apartment building behind it.  This picture allows you to get a glimpse at the Shaw Neighborhood during sunrise.  The streets were quite and the brick buildings leading up to the market gave the neighborhood a welcoming feel.

O Street Market turned Giant

This is a close up image of my site viewed from the corner of 7th Street in the Shaw neighborhood.  This is the original structure of the O Street Market built in 1881.  Although O street market is still painted on the side, it is now a Giant supermarket that stretches beyond the original structure.