Over the course of the school year, 2020-2021, for the SPA Leadership Program at American University I have researched and implemented a social action project. My research question is how improving world language programs in public schools within the United States would benefit students. Throughout my research I have discovered the many ways the United States needs to improve their world languages programs and how specifically they should do that in order to positively impact students. My social action project will center around the ACTFL’s Lead with Languages, which is an organization that supports teachers, students, and different world language programs around the country. For my social action project I will be writing a narrative blog post for their website discussing my research and steps people can take to help further language learning in public schools which will be made available on their website┬áduring the month of May 2021. In addition to this I also fundraised for their student scholarship fund in which 100% of the proceeds help future world language educators and provide them with educational opportunities.

Throughout my research and development of my social action project I have gained skills such as research, time management, adaptability, communication, and critical thinking. My research has taught me a lot of patience and conceptualization and the implementation of my social action project has utilized my interpersonal communication skills. My project in general has expanded my horizons and exposed me to different gaps within the U.S. education system that need to be combated. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to conduct my research, learn, and to be able to take action and make a positive difference within the language learning community.