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American University School of Public Affairs Leadership Program Project 2019-2020 

For my freshman year Leadership Program social action project I was placed in the environment and sustainability group with five extraordinary women and we chose to explore how chemicals impact our environment. Throughout the entire 2019-2020 school year we worked seamlessly together to ultimately create a social action project we were all proud of. Communication was key to understanding each other, working on the project, and balancing everything to create a great first-year project. With the help of our TA and the professors who guide the Leadership Program at American University, our group was able to accumulate and combine our individual skills and assets which proved that teamwork is essential to the completion of any project.

Below in this order is a presentation of our work and research as a whole, a presentation on our primary goals and research at the halfway mark, and the website we created about our social action project.

Social Action Project Presentation

Environment & Sustainability Symposium Slides 


American University School of Public Affairs Leadership Program Project 2020-2021

For my sophomore year Leadership Program project I researched the importance of world language education. My research question was how improving world language programs in public schools within the United States would benefit students. I learned that learning a world language greatly benefits students and puts them at an education advantage, they become more aware of the world around them, students become better communicators, and students learning English as a second language would be able to be given equal opportunities as native English speakers. In addition to these findings I also discovered that improving world language programs could help to close the gap between different school programs.

For my social action project I worked with the ACTFL’s Lead with Languages and helped to fundraise for their Languages Scholarship Program and I wrote a blog post for their website discussing my research, findings, and steps people can take to help improve world language programs.

Attached below is a policy memo I presented discussing my research and findings in depth, my final presentation that summarizes my work this past year, and a link to the ACTFL’s Lead with Languages website in which my blog post will be made available in May of 2021.

Policy Memo

Social Action Project Presentation