About Me


I’m Isabelle and I’m currently a freshman at American University who is passionate about the formation and effects of political opinions in modern and international societies.

I am currently pursuing a double major in Political Science (SPA – School of Public Affairs) and International Relations (SIS – School of International Service). Simultaneously, I am enrolled in two School of Public Affairs certificate programs; the Leadership program and the Lincoln Scholars Program. Completion of the SPA Leadership program earns me a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies, while the Lincoln Scholars program is an opportunity to explore questions of moral and political life. 

I’ve been given the title ‘global nomad’ as I am an American citizen, however, I have roots in Norway and moved here from Sweden. Additionally, being the daughter of a former American diplomat and the traveling it entailed has greatly contributed to forming me and my passion for politics. While it has also given me the possibility to interact, work and discuss my interests with prominent political figures. 

Living in Sweden is very different from the United States in terms of the access to activities that are aimed to cultivate various skills outside of pure academics. This juxtaposition was further strengthened by my International Baccaluareate education as opposed to a traditional Swedish education.  The amount of work it took to parttake in such situations lead me to raise an ambitious drive. I achieved many things outside the realm of my high school insitution; such as having one of my papers accepted for publication at the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences and being accepted for participation in a university level Model United Nations and receiving an award for outstanding delegation. However, I also worked alongside my high school for example I founded and organized the first Model United Nations seminar at my school. All of these experiences contributed to my strong sense of independence and allowed me to interact with a wide array of diverse people.  

I have had two internships in Stockholm, Sweden. One with a (now) former Moderate Party Parliamentary delegate, Göran Petersson who served in the committees for Finance and Foreign Affairs. The second with the Atlantic Council in which I took part in the maintenance of seminars on Nordic defence politics. Both of these internships contributed to my work ethic in terms of orgranization, structure, persistance and detailed oriented work. 

All in all, my experiences have lead me to be an avid believer in liberty and the right to express ones opinons. I fully enjoy exploring the origin and reasoning behind contemporary political opnions and how they affect foreign policies. I am and always will be committed to understanding as many different people and perspectives as possible in order to further my own and others’ education and professional careers.