Resume 2020


American University

Bachelor’s Degrees of Arts in Political Science and International Studies, Washington, DC                                             

May 2023

  • School of Public Affairs Leadership certificate program which will culminate in a certificate in advanced leadership studies
  • School of Public Affairs Lincoln Scholars program which will culminate in a certificate of political thought

Åva Gymnasium

International Baccalaureate Diploma, Stockholm, Sweden                                       June 2019

  • Research experience, 4000-word published essay: “To what extent was the American Coalition Provisional Authority responsible for the rise of the Islamic  State in Iraq during 2003 and 2004”


Language skills: Norwegian – native, English – fluent, Swedish – fluent, Danish – intermediate, French – basic

Computer skills: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook), Google Drive and Apple (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)


Student Associate, Sine Institute of Policy and Politics, Washington, DC           Jan 2020

  • Worked under Susan Molinari with a team of student associates who aided her in organizing a speaker event series over the course of this semester
  • Communications work, event promotion, public speaking, logistical work for the event and participating in discussions with the speakers


Fitness Leader, American University Sports and Recreational Facilities, Washington, DC,

                                                                                                                                Jan 2020                                                                                             

  • Shift work at two gym facilities
  • Cleaning of machines, rooms, customer service, basic fitness knowledge, ability to juggle multiple tasks at once


Director of Research; Director of Communications, Voice of Young America (527 organization), Washington, DC                                                                           Dec 2019

  • Co-founded the Super PAC in addition to serving as a vice-treasurer, Director of Research and Communications
  • Social media handling for 4 different platforms, overseeing and contributing to a team of 4 researchers on US government policies and solutions


Intern, (Now Former) Swedish Moderate Party Parliamentary Representative Göran Petersson, Stockholm, Sweden                                                                          Aug 2018

  • Interviewed Göran Petersson (mentioned Parliamentary rep.) on his podcast ‘Din Politiska Tal Radio’ (Your Political Podcast) on defense politics, researched topics to complement the podcast;
  • Created strategies for recruiting 4 people including networking, handing out business cards and follow-up emails and meetings
  • Attended and participated in discussions in public seminars and meetings regarding defense politics, focused mainly on Scandinavia and eastern Europe


Intern, Atlantic Council, Stockholm, Sweden                                                    May 2018

  • Participated in coordinating two large defense policy conferences including both military, government and private attendees (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, American and Ukranian [among others] military officials); 
  • Greeted high dignitaries such as defense attachés, provided microphone and other technical support for the speakers, set up the stage, answered questions for the participants




  • Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences: My academic paper written (aforementioned in education under ‘Åva Gymnasium Research Experience’) was published by the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences. (March 2019)
  • Stockholm University: Participated in a university-level Model United Nations as one of two representatives for the delegation of Belgium in the UN Security Council. (Aug 2018, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Stockholm Business School: Chosen from a group of schools in Stockholm to participate in a competitive case cracking event regarding the political, economic and cultural environments of a nation. (May 2018, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Åva Gymnasium: I founded the first Model United Nations group at my high school and held a conference including 50 pupils enacting roles of the Security Council. I created matrices for performance and gave out four awards for outstanding delegacy. (October 2018, Stockholm, Sweden)