Annotated Bibliography 5 & 6


Hermanm, Peter. “D.C. Police Arrest Suspect in Fatal Shooting during Dice Game in Shaw.” Washington Post, Accessed 10 Apr. 2017.

This article will be the most recent shooting that I will be using within my final paper. The article is about a teenager, Marcus Martin, who was charged for first degree murder. He, and two other people, were looking to rob people when they noticed some people gambling in a parking lot, those people were teenagers as well only playing dice. In this article I can show my readers the chaos that is occurring in the streets around 7th and O St.

In my final paper, I think it is important to show other crime that has been occurring throughout the Shaw neighborhood. I talk a lot about the insurrections that went on after the Martin Luther King Jr. murder and I write about the crime that happened during and before that, but talking about current news is also important. What I will show is that nevertheless of a gentrified area and regardless of how much safer it is now then what it is used to be, there will still always be terrible acts.


Meyer, Eugene L. “Washington’s Shaw Neighborhood Is Remade for Young Urbanites.” The New York Times, 1 Dec. 2015.,

This article from the New York Times is probably one of the most recently published articles that I used. It talks about a lot of statistics of people that lived in Shaw and the people that are living there currently. It describes the segregation of African Americans and whites in the past and tells the readers how was considered to be “Black Broadway”, with many famous African American performers such as Duke Ellington and Pearl Bailey.

I plan to use this information into my final paper by using the statistics described in the New York Times article. One quote from my paper that was one of the most important facts was the case study which showed “the percentage of households earning less than $40,000 ($20,000 for single people) dropped to 30 percents from 47 percent from 2002 to 2013” ( I continued to use this article to describe the newly gentrified, segregated Shaw neighborhood.

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