Th1rteen R3sons Why

Why 13 Reasons Why Should Be Your Next Netflix Binge (If It Isn’t So Already)

From book to Netflix, Thirteen Reasons was released this year March 31. My roommate has been convincing me to watch the one season television series. When I heard the concept, a girl kills herself and leaves a series of tapes for her mopey high school crush to listen to, I figured that this would just be Netflix trying to hit another target demo, but it didn’t come to my attention. But the real reason 13 Reasons Why works is because of its central mystery, which is the kind of page-turner that is perfect for Netflix binging. The show starts off slow, implying Hannah was driven to suicide by (unfortunately common) high school slut shaming as a jock tells the school she did things to him that never actually happened. Then she loses a pair of friends because they start dating each other and ignore her. One kid stalks her and shares private photos with the school, another publishes a personal poem she wrote in his widely-distributed school magazine. I find this really fascinating because I feel nowadays this occurs in many high schools in the United States and no one does anything against it, just like in the show.



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