Annotated Bibliography 7&8


 Johnson, Jenna. “Warring Gangs in District’s Shaw Neighborhood Declare Truce.” The Washington Post, 9 June 2007.,

In this article, Johnson’s main argument relates to commenting on the two-infamous gangs in the 5th and O and 7th and O intersection of the Shaw Area. Though they are intersecting the crew’s rivalries have a long history and tension goes back to the beginning of the cocaine epidemic in the 80s. I plan to use this article to demonstrate how Johnson brings the result of the warring gang violence between the 5th and 7th that has been going on for decades, the older members of opposing crews with the help of their community leaders are trying to find a truce. As the veteran crew members state in the article, “As much as people want to blame the youth, it really is us taking the lead and steering them in the right direction.” The author interviewed a that describes the area when entering it as a “war zone.” Johnson shares the encouraging shift of feelings on both sides, where what is more important to them at this point is keeping the “peace” and as a result the safety of everyone in the area.

This article gave me an entrance to think about how what occurs in 5th and O area and look at this intersection affects everything as a whole. At the end of it all, Shaw is an area with families full of children running around during the Spring and Summer enjoying themselves and walking to the nearby library during the school year for their afterschool programs. The thought of the Shaw Area being a ghetto with gang violence is just one side of the story. The only way to break such stereotypes that individuals believe for so many years and as a result has inclined them to stay away from is to first-hand experience it and ask questions.



Myers, Chris and Musgrove, George. “Not Gone, Not Forgotten: Struggling over History in a Gentrifying D.C.” Washington Post, Accessed 13 Apr. 2017.

In their Not Gone, Not Forgotten: Struggling over History in a Gentrifying D.C. authors Chris Myers and Derek Musgrove give a brief history concerning displacement of certain groups of people, mainly African Americans and Latinos in the D.C. area (one area being Shaw my location for this project). The authors use words, such as “history” “struggling”  “fear” and “fighting” to highlight what the minority groups are going through when it comes to being physically displaced.

I want to use Myers and Musgrove’s article for my essay for the portion of history and the importance of having the voices of the natives to be heard and also it demonstrates what is going on in areas such as 7th & O Shaw is the physical removal of the people that were forced to be there in some cases in the first place. Though those natives understand that there will be circumstances where they can no longer live there, they do not want their history to be forgotten at the end of the day.

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