Albert Einstein

As Albert Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can be only be achieved by understanding.” To me that understanding, I interpret it as understanding that while there are differences between people all around the world, we really are similar on so many levels. We all want to live in agreement with everyone in our community.I feel that the words that Albert Einstein chose make this more powerful because it doesn’t refer to a specific thing, which allows it to be applied to many situation. I also see it as an understanding, that we really are all in this together no matter what. Right now, I am really shocked with the situation that is occurring in Venezuela because last week there was a video published about a woman crying for help to the world because she could barely support her family with all the government and social chaos that is happening in Venezuela. I connected what Mr. Einstein said with the problem In Venezuela because right now the government is trying to keep peace by using police force, which isn’t make it better because it motivates the people to fight harder against them.

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