Reading Analysis 6

Letter in gender inclusive bathroom in American University. From the class syllabus

Author, Suzanne Tick argues in “His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society” that designers today should encourage and support the changing views of gender within their work not matter what because everyone should be equally accepted. In this article, the author discusses modernism and how this particular form draws its influence from mostly male figures. I believe that Tick believes that gender is man made thing and we should look past the norms to create environments. In other words, Tick explains how genderless is becoming more and more common. As explained in the article, a lot of public entities, like schools and large businesses, are coming to accept and incorporate uni-sex and gender-neutral aspects into their basic functions. Here in my school, they believe that by having gender oriented bathrooms not everyone feels comfortable and that is why American University also has gender inclusive bathrooms.  Another point Tick brings up is how Mother Nature is becoming an influence on design because sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Also Tick argues how the ideas of male and female are being overlooked in the modern world to include everyone, and she explains how designers should not fall behind in this ideology

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