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Digital Archive Interior and Cultural 5


O St. Market 1987. Picture retrieved from Google Images

I also found the picture below in Google Images just like in my fourth digital archive, which was taken the day when the famous shooting occurred where a child was killed. I like how this picture shows how the employees were ready to work and it also shows kind of how it was every day in the market. But sadly the event counter effect this picture.

Digital Archives Interior and Cultural 4


Homeless in O St. Market. Picture retrieved from Google Images

I found this picture in Google Images and it is across the street from the market several years ago I assume because of the quality and also the architecture of the building behind them. I find this to be a very interesting picture because when I went to 7th and O street I didn’t see any groups of people on the streets, actually, the streets were spotless no garbage and no graffiti. This gives a whole new meaning to describing how was the neighborhood and how it has evolved.

Digital Archives Interior and Cultural 3


Giant Supermarket Day. Picture taken by Isabel C. Polo 2017

This picture is similar to my second digital archive, but I chose to include this picture as part of my digital archives because it is day time, one could better appreciate the details on the ceiling, the columns, and also the workers in their environment. I find this picture to be interesting because it could be before opening hours and it shows these two men are preparing the store for customers. In the far end there are some rays of light coming from the ceiling, which looks interesting and also to the right of the picture one can see the “O St. Market” sign.

Digital Archives Interior and Cultural 2


Giant Supermarket. Picture taken by Isabel C. Polo 2017

In the picture one can see how the O street market is right now. If one looks closely, one could observe how the ceiling is not new, therefore, meaning that this building has restored and preserved making it more important in our history. Also to the left some of the columns are made out brick, I suppose this was intended to stay the same as before. This picture is interesting because the architecture has a mixture of modern and gothic architecture.

Digital Archives Interior and Cultural 1


Picture retrieved from website FOX46

In this website, I found information about a shooting early this year. I find this to be relative and useful to support my paper because it gives examples of the shootings that have been occurring in the same area, proving that nothing has changed with time. This gives evidence to the cultural part of my essay, which will be very helpful.

Digital Archives: Exterior & Political 4


O Street Market Side taken by Isabel C. Polo 2017

Right in front of the O Street Market, I noticed there was a man and woman that appear to be Jehovah Witnesses. For me it is kind of interesting to see hot they stand in this part of the street because I consider this part kind of the old part where nothing much happens. In contrast, at the end of the street is where all the newly renovated buildings are and more hip restaurants and cafés are.

7th and O St- Inside


Finally, a picture inside the building here one can see the supermarket from the inside, the connection between both buildings, meaning that in the top there is a glass and that is what connects the gray part and the red brick building, and the O st. Market banner, which is a replica of the original. I think it is captivating how Giant decided to have that sign inside the store and it is in the exact place where the red brick building starts. If one looks closely, one notices the bricks on the ceiling and in the sides (I couldn’t capture more brick columns in this picture, but there where like 5 more).


7th and O St NW- From Another Perspective


Now, this might be a little bit confusing, but this is still part of the red brick building. The building takes all this block and from this newer side is the main entrance to the supermarket which takes the entire block. I decided to include this picture as part of my data recollected because most of the buildings in this street look this modern. At first, I couldn’t understand why the red brick building is like that, but after the research done I know understand it is a historical market. It is interesting how the physical appearance of the building confuses the people because it appears to look as two different buildings.

7th and O St Northwest- Side


I truly appreciate this picture because of the architectural details that are seen. For example, there are two black columns on the side of each door, which was common for Gothic architectures, but mostly all columns that I have seen from this time go from bottom to the top of the building and these ones have a cement block underneath protecting the base and the top part is supporting the bricks. Furthermore, the hanging lamps on each side are the same and use a different light bulb, which goes with an older time period. I believe that this is this way to preserve the essence of the building during those time.

7th and O St NW- Closer


Looking from the far I noticed the building is used by Giant supermarket chains, but looking at it closely I notice that “O St Market” is painted in some part of the bricks. While looking for information about the place I stumbled upon the building in 1978, which was a public market building. This building is one of the three 19th-century public market buildings still standing in the city, it has the most distinctive architectural element of the Gothic Revival in the neighborhood. It was built in 1881 and for years it was a place where the residents went shopping, then in 1968 it was slightly damaged but restored by 1980. Subsequently, the building was shut down by CityMarket for renovations in 2003.