IPCR Syllabi

Conflicts and Conflict Resolution In Russia and Eurasia 
Dr. Philip Gamaghelyan (Fall 2017)

IPCR Dialogue: Approaches and Applications 
Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer (Fall 2017)

Economies of Violence and Peace 
Dr. K. Nuamah (Fall 2017)

Conflict in Africa 
Dr. K. Nuamah (Fall 2017)

Qualitative Research Methods in IPCR
Susan Shepler (Fall 2017)

International Negotiation 
Dr. Anthony Wanis-St. John (Fall 2017)

Theories of Violence and War 
Dr. Carolyn Gallaher (Fall 2017)

U.S. – IRAN Relations: Conflict/Reconciliation
Fereshteh Nouraie-Simone (Fall 2017)

Peace-building in Divided Societies
Hrach Gregorian (Fall 2017) 

Localizing Peace 
Hrach Gregorian (Fall 2017)

Comparative Peace Processes
Anthony Wanis-St. John (Spring 2017)

Conflict and Development
José M. Garzón (Fall 2016)

Conflict in Africa
Dylan Craig (Fall 2016)

Conflict, Memory and Peacebuilding: Dealing with the Past
Margaret Smith (Spring 2017)

Conflict Prevention and Analysis
Doga Eralp (Fall 2016)

Culture, Peace, and Conflict Resolution: Alternatives to Violence
Doga Erlap (Fall 2016)

Democratization and Political Change in the Middle East
Shadi Mokhtari (Fall 2015)
Shadi Mokhtari (Fall 2016)

DDR, Justice, and Security Reform
Carolyn Gallaher (Spring 2017)

Economics of Violence and Peace
Kwaku Nuamah (Fall 2015)
Kwaku Nuamah (Fall 2016)
Kwaku Nuamah (Spring 2016)
Kwaku Nuamah (Spring 2017)

Environmental Peacemaking
Carl Bruch (Spring 2017)

Gender, Peace, and Security
Barbara Wein (Spring 2017)

Human Rights
Jeff Bachman (Fall 2015)
Jeff Bachman (Fall 2016)

Human Rights and Conflict
Philip Gamaghelyan (Spring 2016)
Philip Gamaghelyan (Spring 2017)

Human Rights in the Middle East
Shadi Mokhtari (Spring 2016)

International Negotiation
Anthony Wanis-St. John (Fall 2016)
Kwaku Nuamah (Spring 2017)

IPCR Seminar I
Anthony Wanis-St. John (Fall 2016)
Chuck Call (Fall 2016)
Claudia Hofmann (Fall 2016)

IPCR Seminar II
Hrach Gregorian (Spring 2017)

Mediation in a Turbulent World
Pamela Aall McPherson (Fall 2015)
Pamela Aall (McPherson) (Fall 2016)

Negotiation Analysis and Skills
Anthony Wanis-St. John (Spring 2016)

New Frontiers in Peacebuilding
Hrach Gregorian (Summer 2016)
Hrach Gregorian (Summer 2017)

Peace Education
Barbara Wien (Fall 2016)

Peacebuilding in Africa
Kwaku Nuamah (Spring 2017)

Peacebuilding in Divided Societies
Hrach Gregorian (Fall 2015)
Hrach Gregorian (Fall 2016)

Post-War Peacebuilding
Hrach Gregorian (Spring 2016)

Reconciliation and Justice
Philip Gamaghelyan (Fall 2014)
Philip Gamaghelyan (Spring 2017)

Theories of Violence and War
Carole Gallaher (Fall 2016)

Unpacking Intervention in Civil War
Susanna Campbell (Spring 2017)

U.S. – Iran Conflict and Reconciliation
Fera Simone (Fall 2016)

Understanding Conflict in Syria and Iraq
Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim (Fall 2015)

Youth and Conflict
Susan Shepler (Spring 2016)
Alexander Cromwell (Spring 2017)