Leadership Experiences


Experience #1

Type of Experience: This experience was about building confidence and communication skills. 

Name of Experience: AU Ambassador

Date or Time Frame: February 2018-December 2018

Description: I served as an ambassador in the AU Ambassadors program, which is just a fancy way of saying unpaid tour guide. I failed my first tour test, but kept trying and studied harder for the second one and passed. I felt good about talking to parents and potential students and helping them make the right choice about their college future. However, the leadership in this program had a lot of issues, many students resigned from their positions, and an emergency monthly meeting was held. During this, I realized too many people were caught up in the clout of being an ambassador and took themselves and the program way too seriously. While there should be high standards in organizations like these, I learned that leaders should be transparent and less egotistical, or else the membership/followers will push back or leave. 


Experience #2

Type of Experience: This experience was about learning the value of authentic leadership.

Name of Experience: Sigma Kappa Sorority Involvement

Date or Time Frame: January 2018-May 2020

Description: I joined Sigma Kappa in the Spring of my freshman year. Sigma Kappa was a relatively new sorority on campus and they had a pretty shaky start when they were first chartered at AU. But the girl who was president when I joined was an incredible leader. Her authentic leadership style was so crucial to the success of our organization because she held rebuild relationships with sisters, organizations on campus, and with sigma kappa national headquarters. She took so much pride in being a sorority woman and upholding the values of sigma kappa, no one ever questioned why she ran for president. It was never about getting a fancy title, she was there because she cared. She showed me the standard to which all leaders should hold themselves too and it’s something I’ve carried with me all throughout college.


Experience #3

Type of Experience: This experience was about navigating difficult situations. 

Name of Experience: Communications Director, AU College Democrats

Date or Time Frame: April 2019-April 2020

Description: I served as Communications Director for the AU College Democrats which was a difficult yet rewarding experience. Going into the position, I had a good idea of the responsibilities of the Communications Director because I served on the executive board the previous year. However, the people on the newly elected executive board had higher expectations, so I was put in a tough position. I did not want to say no to important posts, but I also recognized that this position was not a full-time job and our social media did not have to mirror one of a member of congress. This whole experience taught me how to stick up for myself when it really mattered as well as sticking up for those who may be scared to speak. At first, our executive board was a very tense and negative environment, but eventually, I made it clear that something had to change. I helped initiate the removal of certain members and we were successful ever since. I learned that leadership isn’t about making the easy decisions, it’s about making the necessary decisions. 


Experience #4

Type of Experience: This experience was about working in a group.

Name of Experience: Freshman Year Social Action Project, SPA Leadership 

Date or Time Frame: September 2017-April 2020

Description: In the SPA Leadership Program, first-year students are required to put together a social action project along with a few other group members. Unfortunately, our group did not get along well. Some people did not show up to class or group meetings, and others were more concerned with their own personal accomplishments than actually contributing to the group effort. Nonetheless, I ensured I met the deadlines and did my best to hold group members accountable. I learned that leaders have to stay focused on the end goal instead of getting in trivial arguments, which I sometimes fell prey to. I would be lying if I said our group had a wildly successful project. Between our inability to narrow down a topic, understand what was feasible, and plan out details, our end product suffered. My biggest takeaway here is the importance of establishing clear goals and defined goals early on and not just diving into something hoping the end result will eventually come together.