Personal Statement on Leadership

I believe that anyone can be a leader. In school, we always learn about great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, but there are millions of other leaders in the world, who do not get recognized. My neighbor down the street who started a civics club in her high school after realizing the lack of civic responsibility in her peers is a leader. The girl in my town who started making 50+ masks on the weekend to bring to our local hospitals is a leader. The local business owners who take extra safety precautions and require their essential employees to wear masks are leaders. These are just a few examples of leadership I’ve noticed since returning home to New Hampshire.

We often hear about traits that make good leaders. Sometimes people will suggest that leaders have to be bold, charismatic, confident, courageous, etc. but I don’t think a certain set of traits should predetermine one’s leadership abilities. Someone could be incredibly shy yet be able to organize a whole organization around an issue they care about because they have great managerial and organizational skills. If two different people were faced with the same problem, and they were both able to create meaningful change, but in different ways, they would both be considered leaders. However, a leader must be self-aware and understand their skill set so they can best utilize their abilities in their work.

Overall, the most important part of leadership is to always lead by example. If a leader behaves badly, they are is no place to request anything more from their followers. This also means that if a leader needs followers to do a task they might be scared of or find unpleasant, it is important for the leader to perform the task as well, to show the followers that it is okay. Good leaders help create new leaders, so it is necessary they set an example that inspires their followers to be better themselves.