My name is Janice Marmol, and I am a graduating senior at American University. I am studying international relations with a focus on national security and foreign policy as well as an additional minor in psychology. All areas where international relations and psychology cross tend to interest me. The study of game theory is actually what drew me to study psychology. While game theory predicted actions through probability, I felt as if psychology could add more solid evidence in how a situation could play out. I am particularly interested in the field of counterterrorism and how psychological methods can benefit the ultimate study of intelligence. Ideally, after joining the air force as an officer shortly after graduation, I would like to work in intelligence. It would be an honor to serve the nation in a field where I feel as if I could truly thrive in. Eventually, I plan on expanding my academic degree through pursuing a masters and then a PhD. Please take the time to look through my site and take a look into my professional passions. If you have any questions or want to get in contact, please fill out the email form below. Thanks for stopping by!