Throughout my academic and professional life I’ve had experiences that have helped shape my character and interests for future endeavors. A few of these experiences are discussed below.

SPA Leadership Program

Throughout my time at American University, I’ve been a member of the School of Public Affairs’ Leadership Program. This is an application based program at American, that trains students in leadership skills. While in the program, I conducted two social action projects, which worked with the community to advance positive goals. In my freshman year, I worked alongside a group of 5 others in organizing a gala bringing attention to the challenges immigrants face in the United States. In my sophomore year, I worked independently to research the extent of political polarization in the United States. More information about this project can be found on the “2020-21 SPA Leadership Project” page on this site. My time in the SPA leadership program helped me to develop leadership skills, through formal instruction, and direct work with the community. It has forced me to think critically about research topics, over long periods of time, and produce high quality final work.


Crew Member at Chipotle Mexican Grill

For the summer between my first and second years of college, I worked and gained valuable experience at Chipotle. I was primarily a cashier, however the fast-paced nature of the store required proficiency in nearly all aspects of the business, including food preparation, inventory, and customer service. Working in this position taught me valuable skills with regards to teamwork, as the process of serving any customer relied on the synchronous efforts of multiple employees. Through high-traffic periods at the restaurant, I learned to work efficiently with my teammates and maximize throughput. As the cashier, I was the initial point-person for any customer concerns, complaints, or inquiries. Working in this position taught me how to always work with customers in a pleasant and positive manner, and work to correct their concerns in the most mutually agreeable way possible.


Intern at Town of Greenwich Tax Collector’s Office

In the end of my senior year of high school, I interned in the Office of the Tax Collector for the Town of Greenwich. This position lasted for a month, and required a commitment of around thirty hours per week. Working in this position gave me an introduction to the operations of town government, and employment in a professional setting. My responsibilities in this role varied, yet provided me an inside look at the municipal tax collection process. Additionally this position taught me a valuable lesson in instilling that not all government is political. Before going into this role, I had worked with local partisan organizations, and expected a fair amount of politics in any governmental position. However I was pleased to discover that even working under an elected official from the opposing party, the work of the office was apolitical, and there was never a time where political differences became a concern. This gave me a much broader appreciation for government, and bureaucratic institutions, seeing the critical work that is done firsthand.