About Me

Hi, I’m Jillian Folger and I currently attend American University as a member of the class of 2021 in my second year in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. I am double majoring in Law and Society and Philosophy. My professional goals are to become a lawyer in the political sphere.

My job experience includes senior lifeguarding, working for my state senator, and interning at World Service Authority in Washington, D.C. From lifeguarding, I have cultivated my public speaking and problem solving skills. I am always able to think quickly on my feet and never believe that there is an issue that I cannot handle. From working for my state senator, Senator James Eldridge, I learned humility, juggling multiple things at once, and worked on critical research. I often communicated with the public to get ideas for public policy. From working at the World Service Authority this semester, I have learned that helping people is the most rewarding career goal. I have been in constant contact with victims of human rights violations and assisting them in legal matters has already been the highlight of my semester.

Being an inquisitive and passionate person, I feel that I will be well suited for an occupation in law because I will always zealously advocate for what I care most about. I hope to become a public defender and work for the government to supply people with legal assistance when they can not afford it, and to also work to implement my ideas for legal reform into our law. In the future, being a judge on a federal or state level would be a dream of mine.