About Me

Hi, I’m Jillian Folger and I am originally from a small town in Massachusetts called Ayer. I currently attend American University as a member of the class of 2021 in the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. My major is Law and Society and I hope to one day become a lawyer.

My job experience including lifeguarding, teaching swimming, and coaching a swim team. However, from those experiences I have learned teamwork, integrity, and organization. I hope that in my future career I will be able to use my skills as a lawyer. I am very passionate about all things I do and I work tirelessly towards my goals. I adapt quickly to many different situations and always put a group effort above my personal gain. I am an achiever by nature, and thus all of my work is done to the best of my ability. Also being an inquisitive person, I feel that I will be well suited for an occupation in law and government because I am an apt researcher. I hope to become a public defender and work for the government to supply people with legal assistance when they can not afford it, and to also work to implement my ideas for legal reform into our law. In the future, being a judge on a federal or state level would be a dream of mine.