“Our Nation’s Capital”

Our world is a place that is surrounded by rhetoric.  From the the pages of a book to the layout of streets, everything has a purpose and a meaning.  In our nation’s capital, rhetoric runs wild.  We see it in the halls of Congress, but what many don’t see is in the city itself.  This is especially true in the neighborhood of Shaw, which has seen incredible transformation over the course of the 20th-Century.  A historically African American neighborhood, it was at the height of black culture and decadence in the 1920s.  This hotspot would soon turn into an area of high crime and violence.  In recent years, however, new businesses have moved in, making the area fairly affluent.  But is there a downside?  The question I aim to ask is, has the recent revitalization truly been a boon to the neighborhood as many believe, or is there a culture being covered up and erased from the streets, buildings, and theaters?



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