February 2, 2017 - Juan Montas

Analysis on the Introduction

During the first couple of pages of the introduction, the author, David Fleming, mentions how the city of Chicago was starting the Near North Redevelopment Initiative in order to renovate some of the city’s most troubled neighborhoods. Fleming discusses why these neighborhoods are important by mentioning that these places have been buried in history from many different European immigrants that came to the United States seeking for new opportunities. By inserting figure 1.1 in the introduction, Fleming portrays how the projects of Cabrini Green were actually decreasing the opportunities the black population had of living in certain areas. Nonetheless, by the end of the introduction, David Fleming mentions three proposals that were meant to benefit the black population. The first one was important because it tried to eliminate and fix the residential racial segregation by allocating poor inner city black people throughout the entire city of Chicago. His second proposal focused on trying to innovate the inner city economically while his third and final proposal was meant to benefit the black community by empowering African-Americans that lived in certain areas.

Reading Analysis

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