February 2, 2017 - Juan Montas

Analysis on the Preface

In the preface of David Fleming’s book, City of Rhetoric, he discusses three traditions, which are political philosophy, urban design, and rhetorical theory, in order to introduce his opinion on why the Built Environment matters. From the preface the audience gets a perspective of how Fleming will discuss certain key points relating the environment such that he takes a stance. Fleming states “I try to situate the environments studied here in stories about how they came to be and plans for what they might become” (Fleming, xi). This means that Fleming tries to set up a story for every scenario he encounters relating the Built Environment. To put it in perspective it’s like if Fleming focuses on all the small details of a big painting. He does not try to just see the painting itself, instead he intends to catch all the small details and work with them to create an even better piece of art.

Reading Analysis

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