May 2, 2017 - Juan Montas

His & Hers?

In her article “His & Hers?”, Suzanne Tick argues how designers around the world should be more inclined to change the perception of what people wear without caring about the gender. What anyone decides to wear needs to be equally accepted. The author mentions how modernism should keep being a necessary transformation in society. As well, she is trying to assert how it is becoming more common each year that something such as genderless can exist. In a part of her article it is shown how more and more universities and high schools are accepting this uni-sex change and gender neutral bathrooms. For example, American University is already advocating for this.

This is an image from the Housing and Dinning Program at American University.

In the image it is clear how the bathroom is gender inclusive, but if you don’t feel comfortable with this then you can lock the door. One of the main issues Tick is trying to establish and discuss about is feminism and she does so by mentioning Emma Watson. Watson is one of the major advocates when it comes to girl rights and now for years she has been trying to make a global impact. To finalize her idea Suzanne Tick emphasizes once again on how gender is just an idea and it is not really important and how it really shouldn’t matter to designers neither.


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