May 4, 2017 - Juan Montas

Final Project: Mapping Commonplaces

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For my College Writing class this semester I had to research and visit a location of my choice in order to end up making a huge individual project. The certain locations available were in a class Google Maps and the commonplace I decided to choose was The Shiloh Baptist Church in 9th and P Street. Through this place I have learned about a whole new area in the DC community I didn’t even know about. I researched about the past of the church, I went there and took pictures and I even used TimeMapper to see how the area was five or ten years ago. I was impressed by all I learned about the history of the church and the street. For my project I decided to show how the area had changed throughout the years and I explained it in depth.


Here are the links where you can access everything in this project:

Annotated Bibliography

Digital Archives


Mapping Commonplaces


Annotated Bibliography / Commonplace Book / Digital Archives / Essay / Mapping Commonplaces 9th and P Street / exterior / Interior / Shiloh Baptist Church / wrtg101s17 /

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