May 4, 2017 - Juan Montas

Rhetorical Choices Reflection

In my final project for College Writing I decided to create a Prezi illustrating how the specific commonplace I chose had been changing over the years. At the beginning of the semester Professor Hoskins told us to go to this google maps page and select a site with which we would have to work throughout the entirety of the year. I didn’t really know which location to choose much less was I aware that I was going to end up with a church. Some of the locations in maps had already been chosen by my fellow classmates, so I looked at the other places. I was decided to select a place that I didn’t know about or never visited before and by a slight process of elimination I decided to make 9th and P Street my commonplace.

Throughout the course of the semester I started to familiarize myself with 9th and P Street. My specific topoi was The Shiloh Baptist Church and as I started to learn more about the place via research I started realizing how the church is trying to do good and help the community. They are trying to help the neighbors who need it, taking in homeless people and more. From 9th and P Street itself I had to do some research because I had never even visited it. I learned how the commonplace had changed so much over the years via gentrification up until present day. Before, in 9th and P Street the Shiloh Baptist Church and a liquor store were the only main things that were there. On the right side of 9th Street there was a parking place and an old building. Through the years the neighborhood started to adapt to the changes. Where the parking spaces was a restaurant called Chaplins was built. The building in itself was modern as it had glass and a different style rather than just brick. On the other hand were the old building was it is currently under going construction to make that a modern market.  

Originally I did not know what medium to use for my project, but during an office hour meeting with Professor Hoskins he showed me something interesting. Northwestern University offers this site called the Knight Lab. The Knight Lab suggests various ideas as to how to construct projects. Some of the options they offer are timelines, story maps, juxtaposes and soundcites. One of his other students, Tyler, had used this Knight Lab medium and he posted it on Slack so that the rest of us could see it. Slack is an online communications app through which the class communicated this semester. Professor Hoskins showed this to me since I hadn’t explored this idea and once he told me how it worked and where to access it I liked the idea. When I chose to create a Story Map the only problem was that I wanted to do a voice recording for the entire presentation and I couldn’t. Therefore I decided to do a Prezi in which I could add images and videos. These were the two modes I selected for my project. Images can show the audience clearly how a place looks like and in the video I recorded I explained how this place in the community had changed.

To finalize this project I had to find a way in which I could incorporate my Prezi project into Edspace. Edspace is another medium such as Slack that we students used throughout the course. In this case, Edspace was a site in which we could create our own webpage. We could design it and create it however we wanted to. There we were supposed to write, post and publish all our work. Via Edspace we published commonplace books, reading analyses, annotated bibliographies, digital archives and even essays. I didn’t really know how to incorporate my Prezi in Edspace besides adding a hyperlink in the other parts of the project. The Prezi was just one part of this final project therefore in the other parts I incorporated a hyperlink that leads to the Prezi. This way when my audience reads a part of my project and they are wondering where the Prezi is, then they can click on the hyperlink and it can direct them there.

I have really enjoyed being able to use different mediums in this College Writing class. I was able to rhetorically analyze a commonplace, research and learn about it. Not only this but by doing so I had the opportunity to create a webpage and publish my work so that the outside world could view what I was working on. This class served as a way in which I could learn more about networking and apply my learning for the future.

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