Work Experience Post Graduation


Immediately following my graduation, I began work at The Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in May 2016. I started there in the position of Patient Care Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, managing day-to-day operations including checking in patients, making appointments, fielding calls, routing messages, and coordinating between patients and practitioners.

In November, I changed positions in the office and took on the role of Medical Records Specialist. In that role, I maintained electronic health records using AdvancedMD; processed and completed requests for release of medical records from patients, other medical offices, and health insurance companies; obtained HIPAA authorization from patients to send requested records; processed, prepared, and billed, as necessary, requests from government agencies and life insurance companies, as well as coordinate subpoena requests; reviewed, audited, and finished sleep studies [including PSGs, CPAP/BiPAP Titrations, MWTs, and MSLTs], as well as dictated documents, and subsequently sent records to HIPAA-authorized medical providers; prepared charts daily for providers and advised providers on which tasks they need to complete; increased accountability and accuracy of the medical records position.

During this time, I also worked at Hands On Osteopathic Healthcare, managing daily tasks such as scheduling, answering patient queries, and contacting patients and other healthcare professionals as necessary.

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