Restaurants Close in Reaction to Recent Executive Order

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I recently read an article about DC restaurants closing this Thursday, February 16th to show support against the recent executive orders regarding immigrants. The most important sentence in the article is simply the description of the day which says “dining establishments are closing up shop Thursday as a boycott calling for immigrants not to go to work for “A Day without Immigrants” in a country that until now has had a long history of welcoming newcomers.” The restaurant industry is flooded with immigrants that work hard to provide for their families. Restaurants that are taking part in this strike are making a big statement because they are losing out on potential business and could hurt the brand if someone disagrees with their choice to close. Additionally, I think shutting down the restaurant would simply say more about the owner/manager or the person making the decision rather than the workers themselves. Also, I don’t think it would be a good idea if workers aren’t being compensated for the day off, however, if all workers were paid as if it were a normal day then it would be a great idea. The recent executive order is scary for many people as immigrants are the backbone of the United States. So, would you shut down your business?

Here’s the link to the article:



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