Dreams Do Come True…With a Honda?

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A few weeks ago while I was watching the superbowl there was one commercial that stuck out to me. I recently searched for it and looked at the commercial a little more in depth. Honda is known for having commercials highlighting their cars and their high safety ratings, advanced technology and stylish designs. This commercial was actually the complete opposite. The commercial is a collection of influential celebrities in their childhood yearbook pictures saying quotes that somehow relate to cars. In my opinion, the most powerful line is when renowned actress Amy Adams says, “…at times you may fall flat on your face but technically that’s still moving forward.” This line is simply genius. Amy Adam’s inspiring quote is extremely similar to Honda’s overall company mission: “moving forward.” This speaks to the highly technical use of celebrities in advertisements and keen word choice. The minute Amy Adams said her quote I was able to make the connection to Honda. Some of the other celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Jimmy Kimmel, Viola Davis, all give passionate statements inspiring those watching to chase their dreams. I think Honda’s commercial is exceptionally clever with the use of celebrities to inspire the audience that dreams are possible with the underlying message that with a Honda, it’s that much easier to accomplish anything. Technically speaking…is this true? I don’t know, however the ad is quite convincing.
Watch the commercial below:



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